About Dr. Lola Day

Lola Day

Hi there,  I'm Dr. Lola Day! I am a physician, wife, mother, entrepreneur, podcaster, and your favorite work-life strategist!  They call me "Wonder Woman" because people just don't understand how I get it all done. I certainly did not, at one point! However, with my signature strategies, I am doing more with my time and feeling FAB -fulfilled, amazing, and balanced! You can do it too!  Through LollieTasking and the “Burnout to Balance” Program, I have been able to help high-achieving women conquer chronic stress and avoid burnout with effective time management and productivity strategies, so they can have a productive and rewarding career without sacrificing their time with their partners and children.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, let me show you how to make yours count by doing more in the little time you have! It’s not enough to be a Boss lady, it’s time to get you to be a Balanced Boss Lady!