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Better Balance, Better Life

Have you ever dreamed of just walking into a cabin and SLEEP for a good 24 hours with no phone, constant "mommy, mommy, mommy” or worry about meeting that next work deadline? 

You feel emotionally drained, mentally depleted, and physically exhausted! If you can just SLEEP!

You think maybe quitting your Job will solve the problem? This was your dream but seems like you can’t handle it all! 

You don't feel like waking up to another Groundhog Day, in this never-ending cycle of the constant pull between work and home. 

While working, you're supposed to act like you don't have a family! 

While you're at home, you're supposed to act like you didn’t just work for 60 hours this week!

You have given your ALL, and your tank is currently at Empty!

You have tried Spa days, weekly massages, girls’ trips, and vacations

... and surprise the stress seems to be waiting at the door when you return from your 60 mins or 3 days escape.  

You are saying... Yes, girl!!! How do you know? 

I know because I have been there. As a physician working over 60 hour work weeks, I had constant mommy guilt. I felt that I was not meeting your full potential both at work and at home because you are having a hard time balancing it all. 

But thank God, there is a better way. 

What if I tell you, "you can have an amazing work/business/ purpose without sacrificing what is most valuable to you using the FOB to FAB principles. 

Sis! Don't quit your job yet! 

I actually do 10 x more now, and I have never felt more FAB - fulfilled, amazing, and balanced using biblical and business strategies that have been tried and tested. 

I want every mom to enjoy a FAB life too. This is why I have created LollieTasking and the Burnout to Balance program.   

The reason most women stay stressed is not for lack of trying to find balance, but lack of systems, processes, and habits that prevent them from being frazzled, overwhelmed, having chronic stress, and avoid burnout.  

They continue to use systems that have worked previously or continue to placate the stress with weekly massages and get away “escapes”. 

Let us take you from Frazzled, Overwhelmed, and Burned out (FOB) to Fulfilled, Amazing, and Balanced (FAB) so you can love the job that you once dreamed of again, without sacrificing your relationship with your family.

In these unprecedented times, you need this more than ever!!!

Do you believe your success should not be at the detriment of your having time for your family?

 “Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it's a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work. - Joshua Osenga”


Talking to her was like talking to my best friend to get my life all the way together

F.J , Accountant, Mom of 2. 

She is just as busy, as I am… so she does not waste your time with fluff and gets to the point… sessions are confidential… and talking to her was like talking to my best friend to get my life all the way together. After discussions with her, I am taking more roles at work and have gotten a side passion that fulfils me. I am also not as irritable. The best part of the program is the impact it has had on my family. 

Her strategy is amazing!

Dr. O, Medical professional, committed relationship, no kids

Dr. Lola Day's advice was instrumental in planning and navigating the transition from a professional student to a professional. She showed me in the job search process how to show my future employers my worth and never to settle for the first offer. She is so easy to talk to because she gets it! Her strategy is amazing, and it helps flesh out my ideas. When it comes down to it you can count on her to get you the result you desire.

In 30 days you will...

  • Reclaim your time by Learning time management and productivity skills that will help you, family, work, and community. 

  • Learn how to effectively prioritize, automatic, delegate, and or let go of your “to do”s

  • Learn productivity skills that will help you reclaim time you can spend with your family.

  • Learn to draw boundaries effectively without feeling guilt

  • Daily systems, habits and practices that lays a foundation to transform your life

  • Learn how to have consistent self-care habits to replenish your mind, body and soul. 

  • When all the above are done appropriately you will have tools needed to help you cope with stress and avoid burnout. 

We will provide...

  • Accountability during the 30 days

  • 21-day e-book that has all the habits we learn (mind and body)

  • Structure + Support + Accountability leads to sustainable success. 

  • Weekly group strategy session. 

  • Additional 60 minutes private 1:1 strategy session

  • Daily mind and body habit tips- short simple that can be easily incorporated in a busy life.

You also get

Bonus material to keep you on track

  • Long Access

    Access to course for 3 months, to solidify practice. 

  • Networking group

    Lifetime access to a private online networking group of like-minded high achieving women.

  • Monthly live teachings

    Monthly live teachings and speakers, and you can continue to grow after the program is over.


$997 Today or 3 Payments $335 (Today, June 1st, and June 15th)!

Go from (FOB) Frazzled, Overwhelmed and Burned Out to (FAB) Fulfilled, Amazing, and Balanced in just 30 days. We will help you conquer burnout using biblical and business principles and our signature FAB strategies, so that you can have a rewarding career without sacrificing your relationship with your partner and children!
Explore each modules using the FAB principles!